I can feel the wind caressing my face, running around me, dancing an unheard song, hating me, loving me; saying hi or maybe goodbye.

Night had fall, the sun went to visit others, but is without him that I can truly see. Creatures from the night recognize my name, a name forgotten long time ago by the creatures of light.

Traitor I had been called, hero in other times, villain, lover, hater and many other names by those of the light. They had forgotten my name, my power and the truly origin of myself.

Older than any of the creatures, one of the original souls, existing just to be. Now, I am here carrying a burden of others while hiding my face from the creatures of night, as a coward, as a useless pawn; but, I am a king, one of the three. There was she, pure love, kindness and hope. There was he, pure hate and despair. There was me, none of them and all of them.

During the day lying them all, lying myself. Living a normal life because I forgot who I am, then night comes and the nights remind me that I am just me, but me is more than any other. I am a king, I am me and no one else can be.

Then dark comes and I remember who I am. I am a king. I am me. “Just” me.

All when dark comes.

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