Is hard to write when your inspiration is gone, sometimes is just away for a while and you know for sure that it will be back. Some other times you know is away but you are not sure if it ever will come back. And the hardest ones are they are gone and you need to search for new inspiration.

I am going though the second group, my inspiration is gone and I do not know if I will share any other moment with her. I feel empty and alone. I am just doing things because I have to, there is no light in my eyes anymore. Neither hope on my heart nor my soul.

I do not know how to recover her back, I do not understand how is possible for some individuals to just let go of this special feelings. I go to bed thinking about her, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about her interrupting a dream about her. 

My heart aches, tears run over my face, I feel destroyed, I feel shattered. 

I miss her and all I know is that this loneliness is killing me

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