Do not give up

Are going through something that is hurting you a hell in the heart?

All of us have really bad times, and after those there comes the worse ones. Happy times are really rare in the commons. And so what, happiness is decision, have you ever thought about ending your life? I have, I am not proud of it but not ashamed either, I did not do it (as you can notice I am writing now). 

If you you are thinking about it, stop, breath and think there is always one important person there, you. I stop trusting God or friends or family, they will not be there forever to stop you. You are the only one that can stop it. 

Life is hard, unfortunately. But fortunately you have yourself. There is always a way to move forward.

Forget and forgive past, you cannot change it and if you can then change it, nothing to regret nothing to be anchor there. 

Live today, it will never come back and if it does it will be different, do not miss a thing today, there is sun or rain, day or night, moon or stars, maybe you are one of the lucky ones and have the one you love next to you, or you are like me all alone after you loved someone, but it is fine as well enjoy today there should be something look for it.

Tomorrow will come do not rush to it wait for it peacefully

And overall be yourself no one else can be you, you are important and special

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