Smiling moon

What a beautiful smiling moon which sees us from the sky, wishing for us to find our paths. Waiting for the moment when your steps and mine will get crossed. Hoping for the moment when you and I will be together.
Carefree winds coming and going trying to blow our sails in the other’s direction for our eyes to meet. I know you are there somewhere in this vast world, may be across the seas may be just in the other continent’s side.

What a beautiful smiling moon the one which remind me you will be here one day, what a smiling moon


I never thought to survive, but I will. Against probabilities, against wishes, against desires. I touched death hands, I kissed the darkness, I begged for a trip with no return, but; that was not prepared forme. And now I am thankful, still walking in the dark, but looking for the treasure, looking for the highest goal. I did not complete the darkest dream, I did not touch the devilish prize. Others left before, I am still alone but stronger, I am in pieces but complete. This was my fortune, and these are crazy words with no sense but with all of it as well.

Unordered words hiding the secrets of my destructive path, scrambled ideas with no purpose, but to keep the secret, the love, the hate. The quest is with no end and the goal unreachable. But, here I am, on this journey for the daylight