Everything was dark, a few lights in the sky. I felt so unworthy so low, still that night I got blessed. I was a common mongrel, still that night I was taken to heavens. I had accepted who I was and my lonely path, I was so decided to end it all but she appeared.

She looked at me as if I was all, as if I was somebody. Her eyes so beautiful, her sight so uncommon, she looked at me as if I was worthy of her love, as I was not a mongrel.

I will never forget that night when she was there looking at me as if nothing else existed, as if I deserve the universe, as if I was important, as if this moment was the only one that matter.

And it so was for me, for that moment I forgot the man I was, I forgot the many mistakes I made and only could feel the love coming from her as if I was a king, although I was a common and she was a queen, her love crossed all the realities just for me.

I could not resist any more so I got close to her and taste the wonderful flavor of her lips in a kiss that stopped all time and made me feel as if I was the only one in the universe for her. Her love was so bright, that illuminated a path in the darkness