Everything was dark, a few lights in the sky. I felt so unworthy so low, still that night I got blessed. I was a common mongrel, still that night I was taken to heavens. I had accepted who I was and my lonely path, I was so decided to end it all but she appeared.

She looked at me as if I was all, as if I was somebody. Her eyes so beautiful, her sight so uncommon, she looked at me as if I was worthy of her love, as I was not a mongrel.

I will never forget that night when she was there looking at me as if nothing else existed, as if I deserve the universe, as if I was important, as if this moment was the only one that matter.

And it so was for me, for that moment I forgot the man I was, I forgot the many mistakes I made and only could feel the love coming from her as if I was a king, although I was a common and she was a queen, her love crossed all the realities just for me.

I could not resist any more so I got close to her and taste the wonderful flavor of her lips in a kiss that stopped all time and made me feel as if I was the only one in the universe for her. Her love was so bright, that illuminated a path in the darkness


She was there, sitting close to the window. Beautiful as no one else, her bright eyes and golden skin unforgettable. Her curly hair waiving while her wonderful reflection kept looking at her. Away in her world while hearing her favorite sounds; smiling to herself she was when I came by. Lucky were my eyes when I got close and hers turn over me, what a amazing gaze; it crossed all realities and times, went to the darkest places and brought them light, the desolation was filled with joy and the agitation was changed into peace. That moment lasted an eternity and the eternity seemed so fantastic, it was as if many wonderful memories filled my mind; as if heaven had come to earth. She was there and so I was, that second, that moment, that instant life got meaning. No words were needed to know my life had changed; honestly, I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her.

Smiling moon

What a beautiful smiling moon which sees us from the sky, wishing for us to find our paths. Waiting for the moment when your steps and mine will get crossed. Hoping for the moment when you and I will be together.
Carefree winds coming and going trying to blow our sails in the other’s direction for our eyes to meet. I know you are there somewhere in this vast world, may be across the seas may be just in the other continent’s side.

What a beautiful smiling moon the one which remind me you will be here one day, what a smiling moon


I never thought to survive, but I will. Against probabilities, against wishes, against desires. I touched death hands, I kissed the darkness, I begged for a trip with no return, but; that was not prepared forme. And now I am thankful, still walking in the dark, but looking for the treasure, looking for the highest goal. I did not complete the darkest dream, I did not touch the devilish prize. Others left before, I am still alone but stronger, I am in pieces but complete. This was my fortune, and these are crazy words with no sense but with all of it as well.

Unordered words hiding the secrets of my destructive path, scrambled ideas with no purpose, but to keep the secret, the love, the hate. The quest is with no end and the goal unreachable. But, here I am, on this journey for the daylight

Do not give up

Are going through something that is hurting you a hell in the heart?

All of us have really bad times, and after those there comes the worse ones. Happy times are really rare in the commons. And so what, happiness is decision, have you ever thought about ending your life? I have, I am not proud of it but not ashamed either, I did not do it (as you can notice I am writing now). 

If you you are thinking about it, stop, breath and think there is always one important person there, you. I stop trusting God or friends or family, they will not be there forever to stop you. You are the only one that can stop it. 

Life is hard, unfortunately. But fortunately you have yourself. There is always a way to move forward.

Forget and forgive past, you cannot change it and if you can then change it, nothing to regret nothing to be anchor there. 

Live today, it will never come back and if it does it will be different, do not miss a thing today, there is sun or rain, day or night, moon or stars, maybe you are one of the lucky ones and have the one you love next to you, or you are like me all alone after you loved someone, but it is fine as well enjoy today there should be something look for it.

Tomorrow will come do not rush to it wait for it peacefully

And overall be yourself no one else can be you, you are important and special

My last day?

Have you ever asked yourself, what if today is your last day?

I just did (first timer), and then realized that could be true, it can be my last day. I have several things that I could regret but decide not to, instead I will forgive me. There are mistakes that were done and so what, all of us make mistakes, instead I asked life for a new opportunity to amend them (I hope this opportunity comes). There is a lot of people who made painful things and hurt me, so what, I decided I will forgive him. Everybody make mistakes, obviously their mistakes made me live a hell of a life but I have a hell of a life to others every once in a while. I decided not to be holding rancor against anyone. Today may be my last day and I do not want this burden in my life. 

Life is life, we fall so we need to stand up again, we hurt others so we need to help them heal. We had been hurt so we need to heal ourselves. So what you have to do to be happy, forgive all to be happy, forget all to be happy. 

Happiness is a decision that you need to take, past is where it needs to be in the past, you learned from it and let it go, tomorrow may never come, stop worrying about it. Today is a gift given to us to enjoy it, say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Forgive all, forget all and be yourself.

Remember today may be your last day on earth.


It is so difficult to be without my inspiration. I know she is there, but do not find the way to open the door to she.

I had attempted some ideas but it seems as if this door has an special lock on it. I have tried some silly ways to get to her. This door is harder to open than I thought, and will try all the keys I may know.

I may not be able to open it and then i get to this idea. If cannot be opened, I will force my way in.

I miss her